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    There are many cosmetic treatment options to cater to issues of the teeth, and one such is using veneers. They are quite useful in covering up the dents of the teeth to make them aesthetic. Veneers are durable sheets of porcelain that cover the frontal tooth surface. However, think twice before getting one. Veneers are permanent and will require shaved teeth to be put on.

    Is It Necessary to get Teeth Shaved for Veneers?

    Yes, shaving the teeth and receiving veneers is necessary. The outer layer – enamel is trimmed to make room for the shell-like placement. Getting teeth shaved for veneers is permanent since enamel lacks regeneration power, which means once the enamel is removed, it is gone forever.

    Is Getting Shaved Teeth For Veneers A Painful Process?

    Do not worry; shaving teeth is not painful at all. Usually, the dentist uses local anesthetics to numb the area; however, sometimes, they may prepare the teeth without using one.

    But, if you have other issues like sensitive teeth or dental anxiety, numbing will ensure that you do not suffer from discomfort throughout the procedure.

    Mostly, your teeth will need preparation so that veneers fit smoothly like a snap over the front surface of your teeth. However, even in case of removal, 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm of the tooth will be shaved for veneers.

    What Issues Can Veneers Fix?

    Veneers can fix a lot of issues; they disguise the look of crooked or stained teeth. Other than that, they are really good at working for the following:

    • Crooked and misshapen teeth
    • Diastema – a gap in teeth
    • Worn out teeth
    • A chip in the tooth
    • Staining and discoloration of teeth
    • Multi-sized teeth

    How Do Veneers Work?

    You will start off with a detailed examination by the dentist. After your teeth are thoroughly checked for all the issues, he will ask some questions.

    The discussion will include the kind of result you are aiming for, along with the necessary information regarding the veneer process.

    Teeth assessment is very important. They will see if you need any preliminary procedures, such as braces or not. Your dentist may or may not show you what your future teeth will look like.

    Once everything is decided to move forward with veneers, impressions of your teeth are taken in one visit and, after they are made in the lab, fixed in the next.

    Final words

    They are fast and painless ways of getting the look you want. However, veneers require a properly/minimally shaved tooth to fit properly. You can contact Pasadena Oral Surgery for answers if you have more questions regarding this or any other topic.

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