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    Bone Grafting
    A patient’s jaw bone needs to be strong enough to support dental implants safely. However, patients who are struggling with bone strength have options. A dental bone grating is a procedure that can prepare a patient’s mouth for dental implants. Discover how dental bone grafting is helping more patients achieve their dream smiles.

    What is Bone Grafting?

    Dental implants require a strong jaw bone, as they are implanted directly into this bone. A dental bone graft is a procedure that can strengthen a person’s jaw bone so that it can properly support dental implants. There are different types of bone grafts available. Your surgeon will be able to help you choose the best procedure for your needs.

    Who Needs This Procedure?

    Lots of people need a dental bone graft before their implant surgery. It is common for a person’s jaw bone to atrophy after the loss of a permanent tooth. Other patients might experience jaw bone weakness after dealing with gum disease, oral cancer, or facial trauma. Finally, some patients naturally have a weaker jaw bone and need a bone graft. Regardless of the reason, bone grafts are easy procedures that produce great results.

    What To Expect

    A dental bone graft might sound like a scary procedure. However, the process is actually very simple. Bone grafts are an outpatient oral surgery. While it can take time to prepare the bone and the jaw, the graft itself is a quick procedure. Your surgeon will prescribe both pain medication and antibiotics to ensure that you heal without pain or complications.

    Dental Implants After a Bone Graft

    It can take time for your dental bone graft to strengthen your future implant site. However, the healing process is easy and painless. After your bone graft, your surgeon will monitor your jaw in order to choose the best time to schedule your implant surgery. In the end, you will have a strong and beautiful smile!
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