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    Choosing Oral Surgery

    Choosing Oral Surgery

    Oral surgery offers a permanent solution to many common dental problems. While traditional dentistry is needed to keep your mouth disease-free, this care is best used as a preventative tool. With oral surgery, a doctor can remove teeth, reconstruct the mouth, improve jaw alignment, and address other complex oral health needs.

    Patients love that oral surgery is a long-term (often permanent) solution. After your procedure, you will finally be able to live pain-free for good. With so many different oral surgery options, we can help you choose the perfect procedure for your needs.

    Staying Comfortable During Surgery

    Oral surgery doesn’t have to be painful. Our team offers a variety of medications and sedation options so you can stay calm and comfortable during your procedure. We offer traditional IV sedation, as well as local anesthesia. Before your surgery, your surgeon will help you choose the best sedation option for you. We will also offer you personalized recovery tips to help you stay comfortable while you rest at home following your surgery. Most people prefer to be sedated for a surgical procedure. At Pasadena Oral Surgery, our doctors with years of experience with Anesthesia will take exceptional care and provide a painless surgical experience.
    During Surgery
    Affording Oral Surgery

    Affording Oral Surgery

    Quality oral surgery doesn’t have to break the bank. At Pasadena, we make it easy for our patients to afford their care. We offer services to fit a variety of budgets and also offer flexible payment plans. We accept a variety of payment methods and insurance options, making it easy to pay on your own terms.

    Our Promise To You

    Your health and comfort is our top priority. At Pasadena Oral Surgery, you will receive expert care from board-certified professionals at the top of their field. We provide each patient with the same care that we hope to receive during our own oral health procedures. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

    Ready to learn more? Explore our site to view our services, location details, and more. When you are ready to get started, contact us to schedule a professional, transparent consultation.

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