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    Wisdom Tooth Removal
    Are you growing wisdom teeth? Sometimes, these extra molars cause oral pain or irritation. Other times, they can affect the alignment of your other teeth. Regardless of your symptoms, wisdom teeth are a common issue- with an easy solution. The Pasadena team has performed countless wisdom tooth extractions. We can remove your wisdom teeth with minimal pain so you can enjoy life pain-free.

    Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

    Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that some people grow in their late teens or early 20s. However, most of us do not have a jaw that is large enough to accommodate these extra teeth. This means that wisdom teeth can often become impacted in the jaw, leading to pain and dental issues for your other teeth. Removing wisdom teeth is the easiest way to eliminate this pain and keep your other teeth healthy.

    Benefits of Wisdom Tooth Removal

    Removing wisdom teeth will help your mouth look and feel its best. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause problems with your tooth alignment. They can also cause tooth decay, jaw pain, headaches, and other issues. Removing your wisdom teeth is a simple solution for a host of potential dental issues.

    What to Expect

    Getting a tooth extraction can be scary. However, patients should know that they have nothing to worry about. Wisdom tooth extractions are outpatient procedures that require minimal recovery time. Our doctors and staff members all have extensive experience with wisdom teeth extractions. We will be able to provide you with comfortable, reliable care before and after your procedure.

    Recovering From Your Extraction

    It’s best to take a couple of days to recover at home from your wisdom tooth extraction. While the procedure is simple, complications can arise if you don’t allow your mouth to fully recover. Use a cold compress and over-the-counter pain relievers to reduce facial swelling. Also, be sure to avoid straws as the sucking motion can disrupt your recovery. Have specific questions about your recovery? Ask our staff. We can give you personalized tips to help you heal correctly after your extraction.
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