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    There are so many great reasons to choose dental implants. These are some of the benefits that our implant parents enjoy:

    A Permanent Solution

    Are you sick of constant doctor and dentist appointments? Implants are a permanent solution for total tooth restoration. Unlike other treatments, your dental implants will continue to stay strong over time. While you will still need to visit your doctor and dentist for routine check-ups, your implants themselves will not need additional maintenance after your surgery. In fact, your implants will actually strengthen your mouth over time.

    Protect Your Bone Health

    Dental implants are attached to a person’s jawbones. Over time, the jaw bone tissue actually fuses to the dental implants. This process, called osseointegration, creates a strong, stable jaw that fully supports a person’s teeth. This makes dental implants the ideal choice for patients who are struggling with their bone strength, which is a common problem for patients who are missing teeth.

    Just Like Your Natural Teeth

    Dental implants allow crowns, bridges, and permanent dentures to act just like your natural teeth would. Over time, your artificial teeth will be just as strong (and natural-looking) as the teeth you grew up with. This means that you will be able to talk, eat, and smile with confidence. For many patients, that is the biggest benefit of implant surgery.

    Total Comfort

    After your surgery recovery, your dental implants will feel completely natural. This means that you won’t have to worry about the uncomfortable slipping or chaffing that you might have experienced with other artificial teeth solutions. Dental implants can also help to reduce jaw pain and gum sensitivity. If you are missing teeth and experience any type of mouth pain, then talk to an oral surgeon. Dental implants might be the right solution for you.
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