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    At first, just proper brush and flossing was considered important for apt oral hygiene. But now, people are more familiar with the concept of using a mouthwash. It is definitely one of the star products of the dental world. All you have to do is swish, swirl, and spit, do not gulp it in. But what happens if you swallow mouthwash accidentally? Read on to find out the health hazard and protocol to follow.

    Swallowed Mouthwash Accidentally – Here’s What Will Happen

    Do not start panicking just yet. If you are an adult and have gulped mouthwash not more than a few sips, then do not expect much to happen. A mouthwash contains many ingredients to cater to oral health needs; one of such is fluoride. Do not worry; fluoride content will only cause mild diarrhea.

    However, if it happens that you swallow a large portion of mouthwash, then symptoms like dizziness, breathing problems, drowsiness along with nausea, and diarrhea may appear.
    But, if the amount is more than a sip, the person might have convulsions. In such a scenario, get professional help immediately.

    What to Do Next?

    If the mouthwash swallowing situation happens in your watch, here’s what you should do.

    For an Adult

    As compared to children, adults need a fair larger dose of mouthwash for severe symptoms to appear. If you happen to swallow mouthwash accidentally, it is best to monitor yourself first.

    A word of caution-no matter what, do not try to make yourself vomit. Call for help if you feel your heart rate increasing rapidly or have shortness of breath.

    For Children

    Children are at a greater risk of drinking mouthwash. Their body is smaller in size, and a much lesser volume of mouthwash could result in fatality. Ensure to pay attention and supervise them when they decide to use mouthwash so that nothing unfortunate happens. If you ever face such a situation, call the poison control center immediately.

    Treatment options

    Usually, the course of treatment depends on the severity. Common options for treating the issue are

    • IV fluid drip
    • Laxatives to flush out and clean the stomach
    • Activated charcoal to absorb the chemicals in mouthwash swallowed
    • Breathing support

    Is Mouthwash Fatal?

    Death by swallowing mouthwash is quite common in children. Toxicity is associated with the presence of ethanol in it. In some mouthwashes, ethanol content as high as 27% is present. Fatality in adults is rare but can occur if engulfed deliberately.

    Why is Drinking Mouthwash Prohibited?

    The alcohol present in mouthwashes is modified to make them bad in taste. Still, many people try swallowing it to get high.
    What they don’t know is that it can harm the body’s acid-base balance.
    Some of the complications include:

    • Respiratory arrest
    • Coma
    • Loss of vision
    • Alcohol poisoning
    • Cardiac arrest
    • Organ failure

    Taking good care of your oral health is important. The use of mouthwash can do wonders and aid in cleaning. However, do not exceed the recommended limit and try not to get distracted while using this product—call 281 299 0053 Pasadena Oral surgery for more details.

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