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    Dentures, also called false or artificial teeth are a miracle for people with no teeth. Dentures are dental prosthesis that replaces a few or all missing natural teeth. There are different types of dentures that come in several shapes, sizes, and materials and can help treat various issues. Missing one or more adult teeth is not only embarrassing but bad for your facial structure. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth can displace and become misaligned, requiring orthodontic braces in the future. With dentures or false teeth, you can eat, chew, and speak just like nothing ever happened to your mouth.

    This article will explore 6 different types of dentures and when and why you might need them.

    1. Traditional Complete Dentures

    Complete dentures, also called full dentures are a perfect solution if patients have lost all of their natural teeth. Even if you have a few teeth left, your dentist will extract them and give you a new full set of false teeth. Complete dentures are custom made and will perfectly fit your jaw’s measurements. The best part is that now you can bite and chew on your favorite meal just like you did before. Full dentures bring back the normal functionality of your mouth and teeth.

    2. Removable Partial Dentures

    These types of dentures replace only a few missing teeth. The false teeth are attached to a plastic base with the same color as gums, and the two components reside on a metal framework. Since you can remove these dentures, cleaning them and your mouth is fairly easy. With removable partial dentures, you can once again eat and smile with confidence.

    3. Implant-Supported Fixed Partial Dentures

    As the name suggests, fixed partial dentures are not removable, and they replace missing teeth with the help of a dental implant. The two implants secretly and securely fix a row of false teeth in-between natural teeth. Since the replacement teeth are permanently fixed, you don’t have to worry about losing them while enjoying your favorite meal or playing sports. Moreover, it also gives you a better bite and firm bite and saves your oral structure.

    4. Overdentures

    Overdentures are also called implant-retained dentures and are supported by implants, but they are not permanently fixed. These types of dentures replace a few or sometimes a complete set of missing teeth. They are better than traditional full dentures in terms of chewing capabilities and stability.

    5. Immediate Dentures

    Immediate or same-day dentures are something you get to wear on the day your teeth are removed. They are a temporary solution that enables you to eat and speak until a more permanent solution is coming your way.

    6. Custom Dentures

    These kinds of dentures are made from expensive teeth, so they give a more natural smile. They are fully customized and adhere to your structural and aesthetic needs.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the different types of braces or know what will suit you best, take help from our experts. Call (281) 299 0053 and request an appointment today!

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