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    List of errands and a dangling loose tooth are two things that do not go together. It is bothersome and makes it difficult to concentrate on the tasks set ahead. In such a case, what should be done? We figure that the best option is to get it extracted. Want to know how to pull a tooth out at home? Read on for more information.

    A loose tooth is common when it comes to children, but adults might face this issue too. It could be due to any reason, ranging from poor oral hygiene, trauma to grinding or chewing hard with your teeth.

    While it’s recommended to retain a healthy tooth, it is better to pull it out in cases of a decayed, infected, or chipped tooth.

    How to pull a tooth out in adults?

    We know how irritating a jiggly hanging tooth is. The urge to take it out yourself is real. Still, we would recommend you to go to a dentist to avoid any unfortunate situation. However, if you feel that it is on the verge of falling out any time, then you can follow these simple steps to pull your tooth out gently.

    Wiggle your tooth
    If you want to loosen the tooth more, gently move it with the help of your tongue in back and forth movement.

    Vigorous floss and brush technique
    It is often advised to brush softly in a circular motion. But, when you want to get rid of a tooth, strong movement during brushing and flossing always helps.

    Movement with wet gauze or cloth
    Using gauze or cloth dipped in cold water to move and loosen the tooth is very effective when preparing to pull it out. Coldwater helps in bleed control and provides pain relief if there is any.

    Gentle twist and pull

    Once you have successfully loosened its grip a little more, gently twist and pull the tooth out.

    If it comes out with a severe bleed; or pain follows, then call your dentist for help.

    Why should you not pull your own tooth out?

    It may seem easy to get it out with the above instructions, but things can take an ugly turn if this procedure is not carried out properly. Here are some complications associated with it.

    Broken tooth
    An attempt to pull a tooth that is still somewhat firm in the root can break it. Not only that, but it can damage the surrounding teeth, too, deteriorating your smile.

    The most common reason for a loose tooth is an infection. If you manage to pull it out, there is a chance of it spreading to the neighboring area, which may lead to other problems.


    Pulling a tooth out which is not fully loose can cause serious damage to the roots, pain, and discomfort aside. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please consult a dentist at Pasadena Oral Surgery situated in Texas or call at 281 299 0053 for information or an appointment.

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