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    A toothache can be very troublesome and can be of great inconvenience, especially at night. A toothache can make it hard to sleep or deteriorate your whole night. But the good news is that there are plenty of home remedies available to help you find relief from tooth pain at night, such as saltwater rinse, cold compress, pain relievers, and many more.

    Why Does Toothache Get Worse At Night?

    Toothaches are never good to have and can bring a lot of discomfort and pain during the day, and they can become worse at night. This can be due to blood rushing to the head when you are lying down. The excess of blood in the facial area can elevate toothache pain.

    Remedy From Toothache At Night

    1. Over-the-counter pain relievers
    If you have mild-to-moderate tooth pain, pain relievers such as Tylenol or Advil can help you find relief. In case your toothache is severe, the best thing to do is visit your dentist and ask for stronger alternatives. One thing to keep in mind is consuming the medication within the recommended dosage.

    2. Rinsing with saltwater
    One of the most common and yet effective remedies for a toothache at night is rinsing your mouth with saltwater. Saltwater has antibacterial properties that can alleviate inflammation. As a result, saltwater rinse prevents the damaged teeth from getting affected by the infection. When you rinse with saltwater, you can also eliminate any stuck food debris.

    3. Hydrogen peroxide rinse
    If you don’t take good care of your oral hygiene, you may end with severe oral issues such as periodontitis. It is a gum infection resulting in bleeding and swollen gums, soreness, and teeth become loose in their sockets.

    Rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide mouthwash can help minimize plaque buildup and the symptoms of periodontitis. Whenever using hydrogen peroxide mouthwash, always dilute the solution with water. Swishing the solution is good, but swallowing isn’t. This home remedy for toothache isn’t best for children as they may accidentally swallow it.

    4. Get help from peppermint tea.
    An effective way to find temporary relief from toothache is sucking peppermint tea bags or rinsing your mouth with peppermint tea. Peppermint is an antioxidant and antibacterial agent that can help soothe inflammation. Peppermint also contains menthol that can slightly numb the painful areas.

    5. Apply a cold compress
    Cold compress is an effective tooth pain reliever. To soothe the discomfort, take a towel, place an ice bag and apply it to the painful area. The ice will numb the blood vessels and ease the pain enabling you to have a good night’s sleep. Apply the cold compress with a 15-minute on and off interval, especially a few hours before going to sleep.

    6. Chew garlic clove
    Place a clove of garlic near the painful tooth or chew it to soothe the toothache. Some people may not like the taste of raw garlic, so this remedy isn’t suitable for everyone.

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