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    Regular floss and brush are the two most integral components of an oral regime, and anyone who falls short of it faces plaque on their teeth. Plaque is a buildup of bacteria along with food particles on the teeth’ surface. If the issue is not catered soon, it hardens and forms calcified tartar, which makes the smile seem very displeasing. Tartar initially looks yellow in appearance on the teeth but quickly turns black. Continue this blog to know the main causes of black tartar buildup on teeth and methods to fix it.

    Rarely, even with apt oral care, bacteria still makes tartar on your teeth. We advise taking a few minutes out of your routine for self-examining your mouth, especially the teeth. Self-screening helps in the early detection of oral issues.

    Black Tartar on Teeth – Reasons

    Tartar initially starts yellow but goes black because of various external and internal factors. Black tartar emerges gradually on teeth; they start as small brown lines or dots and then turn massively black.

    External Factors

    • Beverages with staining contents such as black tea, coffee, red wine, or soda affect the color.
    • Usually, smoking tobacco turns tartar black on the gum line.
    • Ingestion of dental fillings or crown.

    Internal Factors

    • Enamel damage transforms the teeth from white to black.
    • When tartar grows along the gum line, it’s primarily black and is called subgingival tartar.

    How to Remove Black Tartar on Teeth?

    Tartar removal without dental assistance is not possible, and therefore getting deep professional cleaning is always recommended. Your dentist will make a proper diagnosis and determine the root cause of the issue for proper treatment.

    Scaling and Root planing procedure is commonly performed for tartar removal, and this process takes two settings on the whole to complete. Fear not; it’s a painless process. However, if you are still concerned, anesthetic option is available.


    In this first stage, the dentist will scrape off the tartar from your tooth with a handheld scraper or ultrasonic device. This will loosen the tartar and then break them eventually. Usually, the process starts from removal beneath the gum line, then moved towards the middle and base of the teeth, then finally the crown.

    Root Planing

    Root planing is the second step that ensures complete removal of subgingival bacteria. The dentist goes deeper within and reaches the roots for cleaning. Planing removes the cementum that is a film-type layer covering your roots.


    Black tartar ruins your appearance and destroys oral health. Your pearly smile is one of the few things to get noticed first, and black tartar on teeth imposes a very bad impression, which is why, it is best to self-examine daily and ensure dental cleaning appointments at least twice a year. If you are in search of the most affordable dentistry in Pasadena, head to Pasadena Oral Surgery for a checkup; call now at 281 299 0053 to set an appointment today.

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