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    We use our teeth a lot – when talking, smiling, eating, etc. Thus, even though they’re the strongest and hardest organs of our body, they can wear down over time. The constant exposure to acidic and sugary foods or beverages, grinding, and other factors can affect our dental health. For instance, you might be panicking about your half broken molar tooth.

    Broken molars have many causes, and your dentist can help treat the issue. Continue reading this blog to learn the causes of broken teeth, treatments, and what to do in the situation.

    Causes of Broken Molar

    A chipped tooth can be a result of many factors. Hence, it might be a cosmetic inconvenience or the consequence of tooth decay. Some reasons you have a half broken molar include these:

    • Biting into something hard like ice, candy, etc.
    • Ripping cloth of using your teeth
    • Fillings
    • Untreated cavities
    • Bruxism
    • Being hit in the face
    • Falling face down
    • Sports Injury
    • Accident

    What to Do if You Have a Half Broken Molar Tooth

    It can be unnerving if your tooth is broken off at the gum line for any reason. However, instead of panicking, visit your dentist for emergency dental care. In the meantime, you should take these steps:

    • Swish your mouth with a saltwater solution to eliminate food debris and clean the remaining half of your broken molar
    • Avoid having anything sweet, cold, or acidic since it can irritate the tooth fragment
    • Seal the broken molar with dental wax, gauze, or sugar-free gum
    • Wash the broken fragment with warm water if you have it, as the dentist might reattach it
    • Use an ice compress if you have redness or swelling
    • Place gauze on the half broken molar tooth if it is bleeding

    Half Broken Molar Tooth Treatment

    You should immediately contact the dental office and inform them that you have a half broken molar. They’ll choose the suitable treatment to fix your broken molar, depending on a few factors. In addition, you might need reconstructive surgery for the damaged or missing tooth.

    Some treatments for a half broken molar tooth include the following:

    1. Bonding
      If the damage to your tooth is minimal, the dentist might suggest dental bonding. In this procedure, they’ll use composite resin to build and reshape your fractured tooth. First, the dentist uses a gel or liquid to make your tooth surface rough. This is done, so the bonding material sticks to your tooth. They’ll apply the tooth-colored resin after an adhesive. Lastly, they harden the tooth with the help of ultraviolet rays.
    2. Dental Crown
      Your dentist might recommend a dental crown if more than half of your molar tooth is broken. This tooth-shaped cap covers your entire molar. Moreover, it is available in different materials, including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, ceramic, or metal. Even though metal is the strongest choice, porcelain and resin dental crowns blend in with your natural teeth. Therefore, most individuals prefer these materials over metal.
    3. Root Canal Therapy
      Sometimes, your molar might be broken to the extent that it exposes the pulp. In this case, a root canal might be required as bacteria can reach the pulp and infect it. Your dentist might attach a dental crown after this procedure.

    What to Do?

    If you have a half broken molar tooth, don’t waste any time visiting a dental clinic. Our Pasadena Oral Surgery team can treat your dental and oral health issues. You can contact us at (281) 299 0053.

    You can find our dental office at 6429 Fairmont Pkwy Ste 102, Pasadena, TX 77505, United States, left of Fairmont Orthodontics.

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