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    You may one day suddenly feel that a part of a tooth chipped off while brushing or eating; at that time, don’t panic! It’s most likely the calcified tartar breaking off the back of your teeth. If you compare the two, teeth are naturally strong and resistant to breaking; on the other hand, tartar is not. Let’s have a look at what tartar is and why does it break off from the back of teeth.


    What is tartar? Well, also known as a dental calculus, tartar is the hard buildup of plaque in your mouth, specifically on the teeth. As you know, plaque is sticky and comprises of saliva, bacteria, mucus, and food debris; it turns hard to become tartar.

    This happens in a certain period if you neglect its cleaning during your everyday oral routine. Why is tartar so hard? Well, it is because of minerals in saliva. Calcified tartar is next to impossible to take off at home without the help of a dentist. It is their professional tools that easily scrape off stuff.

    However, with continuous rigorous brushing, you may feel tartar breaking off from the back of your teeth.

    A Chip or Tartar Breaking Off the Back Of Teeth?

    You keep this mind that a healthy tooth does not crack, chip, or break off while running normal routine activities. However, there is a possibility that if you chew something hard or brush your teeth in a certain area, you may break off a piece of tartar from the tooth’s back.

    How can you know whether the broken piece is a tooth part or tartar? Examine. Check the chipped piece; if the color is either brown, yellowish, or partly black, the chip is probably tartar.

    How to Deal With a Sharp Spot In The Mouth?

    Since a chip of tartar is very hard, any chunk breaking off from the back of your teeth may leave a sharp spot. If you find it, don’t try removing any more from your teeth. Why? Because there is a chance of serious damage to your teeth and gums.


    Any tartar buildup inside your mouth needs deep cleaning sessions at the dentist’s office. This is because tartar is sturdy and deep cleaning can only remove those sharp spots and tartar deposits. After you are done with the session, you get a healthier mouth with germ and calculus free gums and teeth. This way, you can get back to having a good oral regime for mouth health.

    In our clinical set up, dentists of Pasadena Oral Surgery adopt the best practices to deliver excellent dental services to our patients. Our dental team is happy to cater to your queries. Feel free to contact us at 281 299 0053 to book a session with us.

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