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    It is a common query that can pop up in the head of anyone with wisdom teeth. Especially if their dentist suggests a removal, they can’t help but worry about “how long does it take to remove wisdom teeth” and the duration of the healing process.

    If you are just getting one wisdom tooth removed, it might take about 20-30 minutes. But it could take 30-45 minutes to remove all four. If you decide to have IV sedation, which makes you relaxed, you might need to stay at the office for about 90 minutes.

    Reasons to Extract Wisdom Teeth

    In most cases, wisdom teeth extraction is performed as a preventive measure. Wisdom teeth are extra molars at the back of your mouth that usually appear between ages 17 and 25, seen on X-rays. Dentists can take them out because:

    • They are stuck in your gums or jawbone (impacted).
    • Growing crooked or sideways.
    • Causing pain in the back of your mouth.
    • Catching food and gunk around them.
    • Triggering gum disease, especially around your back teeth.
    • Forming cavities but can’t fully grow out.
    • Developing a fluid-filled sac (cyst) around them.
    • Mess up nearby teeth or bones.

    Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

    When you get your wisdom teeth out, there are different ways to handle the procedure. If you have extreme dental anxiety, a special doctor can give you medicine (general anesthesia) through a vein in your arm to make you sleepy. But if you prefer to be awake, the dentist can just numb your mouth with medicine (local anesthesia).

    It takes about 30-45 minutes to pull out each tooth. During the process, the dentist will open up your gum, remove any bone covering the tooth, and then remove the wisdom tooth, either in one piece or in smaller parts. Most people choose to have all four wisdom teeth removed at once. After the surgery, you will stay in a special room for about an hour to wake up before going home.

    Recovery Duration Post Wisdom Teeth Removal

    If the dentist has cut your gum, they will use special stitches that dissolve independently. Your dentist will tell you how long it takes them to dissolve, usually about a week.

    After pulling out the tooth, your dentist might put gauze over the spot and ask you to bite down on it for up to an hour. This helps a blood clot form where the tooth used to be.

    Sometimes, if there is an infection, the dentist might prescribe antibiotics. For the first day after getting your wisdom tooth out, you should avoid:

    • Rinsing your mouth with liquid
    • Drinking alcohol or smoking
    • Having hot drinks like tea or soup
    • Doing hard physical activities

    Final Verdict

    Many young people have a tradition of getting their wisdom teeth removed. Dentists say it’s a good idea to prevent tooth problems later on, like cavities and gum infections. However, “how long does it take to remove wisdom teeth” depends on the extraction type.

    Whether you need simple or surgical extraction, visit Dr. Azhar at Pasadena Oral Surgery. Our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializes in surgical tooth extractions. Dial (281) 299-0053 to schedule a visit.

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