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    Tooth extractions are minimally invasive; however, they do involve cuts on gums which are later sewn on with the help of stitches. You must be careful after tooth removal surgeries and take care of many aspects of healing, especially dissolvable stitches, to ensure they are not hanging loose. 

    Why Are My Dissolvable Stitches Hanging Loose?
    Dental dissolvable stitches are brittle and not sturdy at all and can easily suffer from damage. Mostly, if your stitches are hanging loose, you can take it as a positive sign that the extraction site is near complete healing.

    But that is not always the case. Here are some flip sides of the situation.

    You are Talking Too Much 
    Excessive movement whale talking involves the tongue and jaw, which puts stress and pressure on the stitches to loosen or come undone. 

    The Suture Used Is Too Long 
    This is not such a major problem and is easily solvable. Your dentist may use a suture longer than you need. So, if they start hanging out before dissolving, go to the dentist to trim your stitches. 

    Eating Hard Food 
    Not eating foods that need a hard biting force is a given. Doing so exerts pressure on your dissolvable or not stitches, causing them to become loose and start hanging out. Moreover, accidentally biting on those stitches while eating can make them dislodge to other places.

    The Stitches are Hanging Because They Have Started to Dissolve 
    These dissolvable stitches are like those threads that start melting in your mouth/gums. Your gums will innately get on with the absorption process, which makes your dissolvable stitches in the open hanging position. 

    Snagged Thread While Brushing 
    You must be extremely careful with them. If you do not meticulously brush after dental surgery, there are chances that the bristles of your toothbrush can accidentally snag the thread, causing your stitches to loosen and hang. 

    The Extraction Site Has Almost Healed
    The gums start healing right after the dental procedure without wasting another second. During the healing and recovery process, your growing gum tissues may exert or push the stitches out from their place. If there is no bleeding, swelling, or pus in the extraction site where your dissolvable stitches are hanging, it signifies that healing is almost done. 

    The Stitch Was Sewn Loose
    Your dissolvable stitches may be hanging due to improper sewing in the first place. Yes, that is possible. Get in touch with your dentist immediately if you see the thread loosen up right after your dental surgery.  

    How To Deal With Stitches Hanging From The Mouth?
    No one likes those hair like threads hanging in the mouth; while it is essential to ask a dentist to fix them up, here are some things you do:

    • Do not pull the thread.
    • Try cutting the hanging part of your stitches out.
    • Schedule an appointment for professionally removing them.
    • Wait for your hanging stitches to dissolve naturally.

    Closing Note 
    Our Pasadena Oral Surgery team of dentists is just a call away to guide you on this situation. Visit us at 6429 Fairmont Parkway Suite 102, Pasadena, Texas 77505, or dial (281) 299-0053 to schedule an appointment.

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