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    After undergoing wisdom teeth removal, it’s crucial to follow proper post-extraction care. While discussions always involve what you can or cannot eat after getting your tooth plucked out, we will delve into details about a specific staple – rice.

    When Are You Allowed To eat Rice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    The first 24 hours after wisdom teeth extraction are quite tight; you need a soft diet, and well-cooked, soft rice is an excellent choice during this initial phase of recovery.

    Eating Rice After Tooth Extraction

    Rice, when well-cooked, is soft and does not need vigorous chewing, plus it is easily digestible. Therefore, rice is a suitable choice for your diet after tooth extraction. However, there is a catch to it. There is a risk of rice particles lodging in the extraction site, particularly in the lower wisdom tooth area. If this occurs, gently rinsing the area will help remove any lingering rice particles.

    Begin eating by prioritizing soft foods that are easy to eat and swallow right after tooth extraction. Cooked rice fits this description perfectly. To ensure its softness, cook the rice until it becomes completely tender. If necessary, mash it into a smooth paste using a fork, as this will facilitate swallowing without causing irritation to the surgical area.

    However, you must not overdo anything. Just because it is ideal does not mean you overindulge in rice or any food after wisdom teeth removal can lead to stomach discomfort and potentially slow down the healing process. Start with small portion sizes and gradually increase the amount as you feel more comfortable.

    What to Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

    Following wisdom teeth removal, after soft foods, colder edibles are preferred to lower inflammation. They are gentle on your mouth tissues and promote a smoother healing process. Additionally, you must avoid hard and sharp foods that could disturb the blood clot and hinder the healing progress.

    While ice cream, yogurt, and applesauce are popular choices during this time, solely relying on them may not provide sufficient strength and nutrition. This is where incorporating rice and other dietary options into your post-extraction diet can be beneficial.

    Benefits Of Making Rice After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    1. Nutritional– Rice is a staple grain that offers essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, for energy, vitamins, and minerals.
    2. Easy to Digest – Perfectly cooked rice is digested easily, making it gentle on your healing mouth tissues.
    3. Variety – Rice is a very versatile base for creating a wide range of dishes. You can tailor it by adding different flavors, vegetables, or proteins to suit your cravings.
    4. Satiety – Despite being soft and easy to eat, rice can help you feel fuller for longer, ensuring you maintain adequate calorie intake during your recovery period.

    Closing Note

    Our team from Pasadena Oral Surgery is just a call away to help you with the dos and don’ts after wisdom teeth extraction surgery. Visit us at 6429 Fairmont Parkway Suite 102, Pasadena, Texas 77505, or dial (281) 299-0053 to schedule an appointment.

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