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    If you are someone who just has their braces and is looking for soft foods to eat with braces, then you are in the right place. We will discuss some easily chewable food products to give you a healthy diet. You have absolutely nothing to worry about if you have yet not become use to of yourself with the braces. Our food options will provide you with satisfactory results. Here are a few simple and delicious food ideas for orthodontic patients.

    1. Soft-textured fruits

    When you first get braces, many fruits are ideal products to consume. Watermelon, raspberries, grapes, and kiwis are all naturally soft fruits that are refreshing and sweet, with plenty of fiber that will keep you full in between meals.

    Some people may feel that crunchy raw fruits are off-limits for soft foods to eat with braces. However, most people would eat these foods when wearing braces if they are in thin slices or tiny, bite-sized bits.

    2. Fresh vegetables

    Cooked or raw, vegetables are delicious. You will not be able to eat most raw vegetables if you have just started wearing braces and your teeth are sore. Cooked vegetables are also easier to consume when wearing braces. Once you have had your braces on, freshly cooked vegetables are soft enough to eat.

    Tomatoes, peppers, and other cooked vegetables are simple to prepare and store for easy access during the school or workweek. Vegetables are high in vitamins and minerals, which help keep the body (and teeth) strong and healthy.

    3. Dairy Products

    Yogurt, eggs, and ice cream are all healthier snacks during orthodontic treatment; however, avoid varieties with hard chunks like nuts or chocolate chips. Puddings and custards are also more nutritious sweet foods for people who wear braces.

    Soft cheeses, such as soft cheese, and thin slices (or small pieces) of tougher cheeses, such as cheddar, make tasty snacks high in protein. Dairy foods are usually the softest foods to eat with braces, but they must be refrigerated after a while.

    4. Baked Food items

    Muffins, soft cookies, and slices of bread are usually healthy and soft foods to eat with braces. When it comes to more challenging or grainier foods like crusty bread and granola bars, be cautious while having these. Potato chips, cheese puffs, and soft pretzels are also on the list of braces-friendly baked snacks.

    5. Meat

    Soft meats such as meatballs, and soft-cooked meats like chicken, are rich in protein and will keep you full for the entire day. Make a big batch of these choices in sauce to eat with pasta, potatoes, and vegetables during the week.


    Use the suggestions on this list to keep your stomach full and increase prevalence during the most trying times of your treatment. For more tips on soft foods to eat with braces, contact Pasadena Oral Surgery today!

    While we have discussed most of the topics in this blog, if you still need assistance, give us a call at (281) 299 0053 for a free consultation.

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