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    Veneers and crowns are both ways to restore your teeth and make your smile a fantastic one! The major difference between veneers vs. crowns is the amount of tooth restored by the two. While a veneer is only applied on the tooth’s front, the crown is placed on the whole tooth.
    Oral procedures and appliances come with a huge cost. Therefore it’s important to know what will work best for you. The two restorations are very different but are both a good choice.
    This article will explain a few differences between veneers and crowns. Let’s get to them!

    What’s the difference between a veneer and a crown?

    A veneer is made up of porcelain or other materials and is a very thin shell of around 1mm. Your dentist will bond the veneer to the front of your tooth.
    On the other side, a crown is a little thick, about 2 mm. It can be fully made of porcelain or porcelain connected to a metal alloy.
    What is right for you, veneers vs. crowns, will vary according to your condition. Here are some oral problems that will require you to wear a restoration:

    • tooth discoloration
    • crooked teeth
    • chipped, or broken teeth
    • decayed teeth

    More about a veneer

    Veneers are a less invasive procedure than crowns because it leaves more part of your tooth in its original condition.
    Your dentist will grind ½ mm of your front tooth’s enamel to make space for the veneer. With newer types in the market, not much grinding is required. A local anesthetic may be required because the grinding can give you pain and discomfort.
    For a good bonding of veneer on the tooth, there must be enough enamel.

    What is a crown?

    When getting a crown, you may lose all or most of your original tooth.
    In case there’s tooth decay present, the dentist or hygienist will first get rid of the decayed part before placing the crown. Some alterations will be required on your tooth to make it fit for the crown.

    Veneers vs Crowns – Pros and cons

    Veneer pros

    • They make your smile a perfect one. This is because, as with crowns, your gums won’t show up after a few years.
    • It makes fewer alterations to your original tooth, so that’s good news.

    Veneer cons

    • With veneers, your tooth is more vulnerable to new decay.
    • Veneers made of composite material are budget-friendly but last for a short timespan.
    • Once you get veneers, your teeth will never be the same.
    • Your dental insurance may not pay for your veneers as it comes under the category of cosmetic restorations.

    Crown pros

    • Crowns cover your whole tooth, so greater prevention from decay.
    • The best thing about porcelain crowns is that they appear and feel almost the same as your natural teeth.
    • Crowns are permanent restorations, so you don’t have to clean them for cleaning purposes.
    • Your insurance provider may cover some of the costs of getting a crown.

    Crown cons

    • Requires more alterations to your natural tooth
    • Porcelain crowns can get easily damaged.
    • When you first get a crown, you may experience heat and cold sensitivity and gum pain. If sensitivity elevates, visit your dentist.

    So, schedule an appointment with Pasadena Oral Surgery by calling (281) 299 0053.

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