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    A pimple on your tongue is not always a lie bump. Tongue bumps can be a canker sore, cold sore, a symptom of allergy, and more. Sometimes, it indicates underlying severe conditions like oral cancer. Therefore, getting educated on what they mean can come in handy. We have listed six causes your tongue has a bump.

    What Causes Pimple on Tongue?

    From allergies and infections to oral cancer, tongue bumps signify many things. Usually, they are nothing to worry about. Some possible causes for the bump on your tongue are:

    1. Canker Sores
    They are open mouth lesions that develop inside your mouth, like the inside of the lips or the tongue. Canker sores are white or yellow bumps surrounded by redness. They are harmless bumps that heal on their own within ten days. However, they can feel raw and bring intense, sharp pain.

    If you have a red, yellow, or white pimple on your tongue that causes pain, it might be a canker sore.

    2. Infections
    Your mouth houses bacteria, both good and bad. These bacteria can cause an infection, giving you a swollen tongue. If you bite your tongue or injure it, bacteria can easily get into its tissue. Hence, the chances of an infection increase. Consequently, your tongue will start hurting and swelling.

    A pimple on the tongue that hurts and comes with a fever can indicate a severe infection; visit your dentist for immediate medical attention.

    3. Allergies
    You might observe tongue bumps as an allergic reaction to certain ingredients or substances. Moreover, your whole tongue might start swelling immediately; contact your doctor right away if this happens. Also, the following symptoms call for immediate medical attention:

    • Swollen lips, mouth, or tongue
    • Rash or hives developing suddenly
    • Breathing difficulties like wheezing

    4. Lie Bumps

    Your tongue’s papillae can get inflamed, resulting in Transient Lingual Papillitis. More commonly known as lie bump, it can cause itching, sensitivity, pain, and a burning sensation on the tongue. The reason for lie bumps on the tongue can appear due to an infection, stress, or food triggers like spicy food. Typically, they go away by themselves. Nonetheless, you should see a credible doctor if you suspect an infection.

    5. Oral Cancer

    A pimple on your tongue does not necessarily mean oral cancer. Oral cancer, especially tongue cancer, is rare. However, you should not overlook a tongue bump if it does not disappear in two weeks. A persistent pimple can be a cancerous growth. Therefore, you should drop by your dentist for an oral cancer screening or diagnosis just in case.

    6. Irritation
    A pimple on the tongue can also occur due to certain foods. Sour or acidic foods can irritate the lips, gums, and teeth. As a result, you get bumpy spots that disappear after a few days.

    What Should I Do?

    In conclusion, canker sores, infections, allergies, lie bumps, oral cancer, and irritation are possible reasons you have a pimple on your tongue. Tongue bumps usually heal on their own and are not something to sweat about. But you should see your dentist in case of infection, extreme pain, and a persistent sore. Our specialists at Pasadena Oral Surgery are just a few digits away. Dial (281) 299 0053 to contact them or visit our clinic.

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