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    Tooth straightening is a long process; however, there are ways to get results quickly. Teeth straightening surgery is the solution. Still, you need to wear braces, but for a shorter time. The surgery is suitable for solving teeth misalignment problems such as crooked teeth, biting, and oral diseases. However, the surgeon will only do it in extreme problematic cases that simple treatments cannot solve.
    The gums and jaws hold the teeth; during the surgery, the surgeon relocates the gums and jaw. Minor surgery uses local anesthesia to treat the oral problem. After the procedure, there are chances of pain, bleeding, or swelling for a couple of days. Hence it is better to follow the instruction for aftercare. There is a chance of infection or a complication in rare cases, so routine checkup is necessary.

    Why surgery

    The wrong alignments of teeth cause headaches, speaking, and sleep problems; therefore, there is a need for proper treatment. The dentist, upon examination, will give the best solution and only suggest surgery if necessary. Mostly, cases rectify by using braces or undergoing simple dental procedures. Surgery is less common unless a need arises. For patients with sleep apnea due to oral problems, it is a permanent solution.


    Taking proper care after the surgery is necessary to have healthy gums and teeth. After the surgery, the patient has to wear braces for some time. Essential precautions are needed, especially in diet and routine works. Crunchy and hard food like candy is a big no with braces. A person has to brush twice a day, continue regular checkups, and take care that the cavities do not build up.

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