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    Having a missing tooth creates many problems, like eating, talking, and even breathing. A dental implant is a standard surgical procedure the dentist opts-in which the dentist fuses an artificial tooth into the jawbone. It is a safe procedure, but like other treatments, few patients suffer from side effects of dental implants. It is best to follow the doctor’s advice and take the necessary precautions.

    Pain, swelling, and bruises

    Among others, pain is the most common side effect of dental implants that many get after the surgery. Minor discomfort is bearable; however, if it becomes intolerable, taking pain killers can help. The pain will last for a few days until the area inside heal and are normalizing. Apart from pain, bruising and swelling can also occur after the implant. The area that is cut open can swell or bruise, but with time it will subside. Discharge from the mouth and bad taste for a few days are few other side effects.

    The severe complication in rare cases

    The side effects like pain, swelling, and bruises will normalize in a few days, rinsing the mouth with cold water, or using an ice pack speeds the process. Common side effects are not a point to worry, but severe complications can develop in rare cases. Likewise, in rare instances, the incision site may get an infection. Controlling it, here is necessary; otherwise, it might build disease and spread to other parts of the body. Sinus problems and nerve damage can occur due to the spread of infection.

    Huge success rate

    However, a dental implant is nothing to worry about and has a considerable success rate. It is not risky and has no long term effects. Yet it saves the tooth and returns you the confidence to face others and spend the routine daily life. So, instead of getting scared of side effects of dental implants, think on the brighter side. To know more about it, schedule your appointments at (281)299 0053 with the dental Implant experts in Pasadena Oral Surgery.

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