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    Periodontal disease is one of the primary reasons for bone loss in gums; however, others include having an accident, trauma, or fatal diseases like cancer. Gum disease is a severe disorder; it might start from mild cases, but result in extreme conditions without proper care. It begins with gingivitis, which is the mildest form and is easily treatable. Sensitivity develops, and gums start bleeding due to the bacteria causing infection. Taking proper care of oral hygiene at this stage can prevent the condition from further spreading. However, when it does, the bacteria affect the bones due to which gum tissues and teeth become loose and might weaken and fall. So, now is rebuilding bone loss in gums possible? Read the following blog to find about it.

    As the bacteria reach the jaws, it starts attacking and weakening the bone. This damages the area that connects the teeth to the bone; hence, the teeth lose its place. In case if we neglect the problem, the bone surrounding the gums will lose its density. The worst situation can occur; one might lose all teeth and need a denture or dental implant. Not only this, the facial appearance changes entirely, and it becomes difficult to carry on the routine life. Loss of bone can occur at all ages, though the chances are higher as you grow older, and bones start weakening.

    Rebuilding bone loss in gums naturally

    After the diagnosis of bone loss, you will be prescribed particular proteins to regrow the bone naturally. However, if there is more need, the doctor might suggest a bone graft. Along with taking proteins, maintain oral hygiene by brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and regularly flossing to prevent bacteria’s spread. Using a mouthwash will help further in reducing the infection. Besides this, a proper diet is equally responsible for healthy bones.

    Along with proteins, add calcium, vitamin D, and nutrients in your daily diet. Start having dairy products like milk and cheese, green veggies, and fruits. Half an hour of exposure to midday sunlight will provide Vitamin D to your body; other sources are cod liver oil and egg yolks. These sources would naturally help in rebuilding bone loss.

    Can exercise, keep your bones healthy?

    Proper exercising is key to healthy living. The exercise that makes you work against gravity helps build up bone strength, such as fast walking, running, jumping, jogging, and dancing. Where else playing sports like tennis and badminton also helps. Routine exercise keeps you active for the years to come. Using a machine like a treadmill or resistance band works too. With proper diet and regular exercise, it is possible to have healthy bones and strong teeth. Otherwise, if bone grafting is needed at any stage to support your gums and teeth, it is carried on.

    However, if there is a need for bone grafting for rebuilding bone loss in gums, contact the team at Pasadena Oral Surgery. Call us at (281) 299 0053 to schedule your appointment.

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