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    Teeth are more precious than diamond; if you don’t believe in it, ask the person who has lost the natural ones. Gum diseases and infections cause oral damage, which results in tooth removal. Furthermore, tooth loss can occur in accidents, trauma, or other health issues in life. However, the empty socket in the mouth needs a replacement. Teeth are necessary for survival; apart from chewing, crushing, and cutting the food, there are numerous other functions of teeth. A dental implant is one procedure to replace the missing teeth; currently, it is one of the most popular and effective ways to get a natural-looking structure. There are both pros and cons of dental implants, though the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

    So let us discuss the implants before making the decision. Talking about the pros, the following points will guide you.

    Pros of dental implant

    1. Natural look and stability

    One of the most plus points is that implants are permanent and long term solutions. The resultant tooth is precisely similar to the natural structure and functions in the same way. Once it holds its place correctly, no one can differentiate it from the natural tooth. The artificial tooth fits onto the jaw, which adds to its strength and stability, and you can continue to eat and usually talk and continue your daily routine.

    2. Long-lasting solution

    A dental implant lasts for many years with proper care and hygiene. It can even last a lifetime; however, the crowns might need a replacement. Functioning similar to natural teeth, the structure requires the same care. Habits such as smoking, drinking fizzy drinks, eating sugary food, and irregular brushing and flossing can cause much harm. It is also necessary to visit for routine checkups to ensure your oral health.

    3. Convenient and comfortable

    Unlike a dental implant, alternative forms of treatment like dentures and bridges will change your eating and chewing patterns. You cannot think of having crunchy and chewy food with dentures in your mouth. So, if you are a big eater, an implant would be the best option. However, take care of hygiene; else, many complications can arise. Implants keep the jaw bone healthy; there is no bone loss. Although it is an expensive solution, if we consider its permanence, monetary value is nothing. A Few months after the treatment, no one will remember that you have a new tooth set in your mouth.

    Cons of dental implants

    Other than its positivity, a dental implant does not suit everyone. A few of its disadvantages are;

    • You need excellent health; if the amount of bone is not sufficient in your jaws, the implant cannot be successful. In this case, before the surgery, you might need a bone graft.
    • The procedure is lengthy and requires many visits over several months.
    • A dental implant is an expensive procedure; the cost involves many elements.

    However, comparing the pros and cons of dental implants depends on the individual’s choice. Though, after the struggle of several months, the results are fruitful. If you need any advice or plan to have your dental implants contact Pasadena Oral Surgery. Call us at  (281) 299 0053 .

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