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    Your teeth have multiple layers; the enamel is outermost covering that serves to protect inner ones from external damaging factors. Over time due to wear and tear or improper oral care your teeth will form cavities and decay. In such situations, dentists recommend getting a dental crown for protection, it fits snugly on the tooth if fixed with care. However, do not worry if it fell out. Read this blog to know why it happens and what to do next.

    Your crown fell out, most probably due to hard biting, eating something chewy, or a knock to the jaw. If you happen to have a sudden impact on the jaw and your crown fell out, do not swallow it. Spit out immediately.

    But, even if you do, there is no need to panic. Stay calm, and call your dentist for help. Since crowns are made up of non-toxic ceramic material, they shall pass naturally. Here’s what to do in case the crown fell out from your teeth.

    What to Do When a Crown Falls Off?

    Firstly, fix an appointment with your dentist. If there is time in between the incident and appointment, check if the crown is intact or not. It may have fallen during flossing due to a glue issue, here’s what you can do to restore it temporarily.

    • Clean the exposed area where the crown used to sit before it fell out; it’s a plus if the area does not hurt. Use sensitive toothpaste gently on it since it’s prone to damage in its tender state.
    • Clean the crown which fell out from the mouth. Gently, remove bacteria and other debris from it, thoroughly inside out.
    • It is not wise to do so, but if you attempt to attach the crown again, make sure to place it like a puzzle piece fitting correctly. Improper attachment can lead to damage to the neighboring teeth as well as the crown itself.
    • You can also get a temporary crown as a replacement for the one that fell out.
    • Reattach the crown if you are confident enough to follow the instructions exactly like it says.

    Why Did Your Dental Crown Fall Off?

    Falling out of a dental crown may be due to the following reasons:

    • Improper fit or making of the crown – even if your crown is permanent, it is most likely to fall out when new due to improper making and fitting. Chewing and biting loosens it, eventually leading to a fall.
    • Dental cement is what glues the crown to the tooth. It lasts for a very long time, unfortunately, not the entire life. It will wear off and cause the crown to fall off.
    • Teeth grinding – also known as bruxism, often pose unwarranted pressure on the teeth. Due to the pressure, cement wears out, making the crown lose its grip.
    • Tooth decay can recur if the individual does not follow a good brush and floss regime. It is rare but not something that can’t happen.

    Is It Safe To Drink If The Dental Crown Has Fallen Off?

    It is not recommended to eat using the tooth which was under the crown. Letting the food and beverage touch that tooth can cause sharp, unbearable pain.

    What Will A Dentist Do? 

    Your dentist will first see whether there is any need to make a new dental crown or the old one will suffice. If the old crown is not damaged and the tooth it was protecting is in the same condition as initial, he won’t make changes. We recommend you do not try taking things in your hand in such a situation. Let professionals handle it. Call Pasadena Oral Surgery at 2812990053.

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