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    Dental issues, especially infections or inflammations in your mouth, can sneakily tag along and cause trouble during surgery. So, it’s a good idea to ensure your oral health is safe before you go under the knife.

    Your dentist and surgeon can work together to coordinate your care and ensure everything’s hunky-dory before you hit the operating table. So, if your dentist suggests a little dental tune-up before your surgery, it’s probably wise to go for it.

    Which Dental Procedures Can You Have Before Surgery?

    You can go through major dental surgeries before your surgical procedure. However, the following dental treatments can be taken without disrupting physical health. A healthy mouth can pave a better road to recovery.

    • Routine Dental Cleanings
      Regular dental cleanings help remove plaque and tartar buildup. This greatly reduces the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Therefore, dental cleanings can be safely performed before surgery.
    • Fillings
      Dental fillings are used to repair cavities or minor tooth damage. If you have a cavity or need a filling replaced, it’s generally safe to have this done before surgery.
    • Examinations and X-rays
      Routine dental exams and X-rays can help identify any dental issues that must be addressed before surgery. These procedures can be recommended as a part of your pre-surgical evaluation.
    • Minor Tooth Extractions
      Simple extractions of damaged or decayed teeth can be done without significant risk. However, complex extractions or multiple extractions can require careful consideration.
    • Root Canal Therapy
      Root canal therapy may be necessary to save the tooth if you have an infection or inflammation. This procedure can usually be safely performed before surgery.
    • Dental Crowns or Bridges
      Restorative procedures such as dental crowns or bridges may be recommended to repair or replace damaged teeth. These treatments can often be completed before surgery.

    How Soon After Dental Work Can I Have Surgery?

    The timing for surgery after dental work can depend on a few factors, such as:

    • The type of dental procedure performed.
    • The complexity of the surgery you’re planning.
    • Your physical health.

    Generally, for minor dental procedures like fillings or cleanings, it’s usually safe to proceed with surgery shortly after, within a few days. This dental procedure often doesn’t require much recovery time and involves minimal risks.

    However, for more extensive dental work, such as root canals, extractions, or dental implants, it’s usually advised to wait longer before surgery, ideally 3 weeks. This allows time for the dental treatment site to heal properly. It is important to discuss your specific situation with both your dentist and surgeon.

    Final Word

    It’s generally safe to have dental work before surgery; it can help you recover better. Minor procedures like dental cleaning, root canal, filling, and examinations. Nobody wants their toothache to recur while they recover from a surgical procedure.

    If you have troubling teeth, visiting a dental surgeon before your surgical procedure can benefit you. Contact Dr. Azhar at Pasadena Oral Surgery. Our doctor is certified in Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Dial (281) 299-0053 for appointments.

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