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    Proper dental cleaning with braces on is quite a difficult task. You must have thought at least once, “how to whiten teeth with braces?” right? Well, food and drinks are the main reason why the teeth start staining. But, the bracket of the braces themselves are a threat to pearly shiny teeth.
    Unfortunately, regular brushing does not work on stained teeth; therefore, whitening agents are used. Luckily we can whiten the teeth and remove stains without moving the braces. If you are looking for in-house whitening treatments, then this blog is for you. Let’s first see the main causes of teeth staining.

    Do Braces Stain Your Teeth?

    Dealing with braces is a task, and proper handling is essential. Eating greatly impacts your teeth because the food contains pigments that stain teeth. Certain drinks such as tea or coffee and fruits like strawberries and blueberries leave their mark behind which contributes to the issue.
    Regular brush and floss reduce the chance of plaque growth. But cleaning the bracketed area is an issue that causes staining.

    Home Based Methods to Whiten Teeth with Braces

    There are three wide categories of brightening the smile: 1. Whitening toothpaste 2. Self-using home kits and remedies, and 3. In-office procedures.
    Few safe DIY home remedies include:

    1. Oil pulling method
    2. Bleaching agent – hydrogen peroxide
    3. Use of baking soda paste

    In-House Teeth Whitening

    These methods work fast enough for teeth whitening with braces on, but they show progress slowly, mostly after two applications.

    Paint-on Teeth Whitening Gel

    It is one of the easiest ways to whiten teeth with braces. Follow these steps for accurate results.

    1. Ask for teeth whitening paint from a nearby pharmacy.
    2. Apply that gel on the teeth and let it on until it hardens.
    3. Now, brush to remove the gel.
    4. Ensure proper application and removal of these teeth whitening paints around braces brackets.

    Whitening Toothpaste

    If you are in search of simpler options, a toothpaste to whiten teeth with braces is what you need. It is a simple process with fewer chances of mistakes. These whitening toothpastes contain agents like peroxide and baking soda, which lighten the teeth. This toothpaste shows no effect on the cement used for setting the brackets, thus safe for use.

    Whitening Trays

    Your dentist will provide you with these home-based kits.

    • Request your dentist and get a custom-made whitening tray according to your teeth’ size and shape.
    • The tray will be filled with 10% solution carbamide peroxide.
    • Slide the tray over the upper and lower jaw and keep it on for a few minutes, then wash.

    Tips For Maintaining Your White Teeth After Getting Braces

    • Usually, electric toothbrushes are better to get rid of plaque from teeth.
    • Do not forget to floss the food particles fallen in pits or between teeth.
    • Use an interproximal brush for getting into tiny spaces like the brackets and underwires.
    • Fluoride mouthwash clears off any molecules left behind from brushing or flossing.


    When looking for teeth whitening options with braces, talk to your dentist about the dos and don’ts. Your pearly whites are no more a dream; reach out to us at Pasadena Oral Surgery for expert advice. Call now at 281 299 0053 for scheduling an appointment today.

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