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    Did you recently experienced tooth pain and thought the pain was due to the lack of your dental hygiene? Sometimes the sinus pressure can result in certain symptoms similar to those caused by a normal toothache. Sinus infection can induce pain and discomfort in the upper teeth, which is the same as what a tooth decay or abscess might cause. This article will explore the difference between tooth pain and sinus pain and explain the reasons behind toothache caused by sinus pressure.

    What are the Causes of Sinus Tooth Pain

    A toothache caused by sinus issues is due to the upper teeth being in proximity to the maxillary sinuses. You can find your maxillary sinuses inside the cheekbones and on the top of upper jaws. Due to several reasons, the maxillary sinus can become infected, which causes it to swell, and the congestion results in pressurization. The lower part of the maxillary sinuses also exerts pressure on the nerves in the roots of your back teeth that are located in your upper jaw. This pressure can cause pain and discomfort.

    Difference Between Tooth Pain and Sinus Problems

    It’s not easy to identify if your tooth pain is caused by a sinus problem or due to other oral issues. Below are some symptoms indicating that the toothache is related to sinus.

    1. Congestion in the nasal or sinus
    2. No tooth decay or cavities are detected in the X-rays
    3. Only your upper back teeth hurt
    4. Toothache is present in multiple teeth
    5. The proximity of the affected teeth to the maxillary sinus
    6. Your teeth aren’t sensitive to hot or cold, but the pain is felt when you bite or chew
    7. The whole area of the mouth hurts

    Sometimes a patient might also experience tooth pain after a cold due to the bacteria attacking your existing oral problem when you have a weak immune system.

    When to see your dentist?

    If you’re unable to diagnose the reason behind your toothache, the best plan is to see your dentist. Your dentist might take x-rays to identify cavities or other possible problems. Going for regular checkups can help diagnose and treat dental infections before things become worse. If the result of the x-ray seems fine and your teeth appear healthy, the culprit behind your toothache is sinus. Making the right diagnosis requires an expert eye. There are diagnostic tests that can help find if the pain is due to a tooth or sinus problem.
    A sinus infection treatment includes antibiotics, while oral infections need more extensive treatment followed by antibiotics.

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    If your tooth pain is due to a sinus problem, visit our office for treatment. Our experts will perform oral exams to determine the actual cause of your discomfort. Suffering from pain and waiting for it to go on its own is never a good idea. If you have dental phobia, we can help you relax during your dental visit using different sedation techniques. Schedule an appointment today with Pasadena Orla Surgery by calling (281) 299 0053.

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