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    Looking for a way to align your malposition or overcrowded teeth? Braces will surely do it for you! But, as they say, “no pain, no gain.” Braces hurt, no lie. But after about a week, you could get used to the feeling of wearing the props. The sore teeth from the braces will also become a norm for you. There are a couple of ways you can reduce the pain too.

    In this article, you’ll read about all the causes of that pain along with tips to reduce it.

    Why Do Braces Hurt?

    Crooked teeth are often noticed at early ages, so the usual orthodontic treatment starts at eight years. Some adults might as well try to get braces too. While the intensity of pain, toothache, or sore teeth from braces may vary from person to person, here are a few reasons why braces hurt.

    When you first get your braces, they’re going to hurt the most. You might as well confuse toothache with braces pain. People often ask, “Why do my teeth hurt with braces?” Braces work like rubber-bands. They’re meant to exert pressure on your teeth when you start wearing them. Orthodontists do the braces in several steps; this helps in alleviating the pain to a reasonable extent.

    When you first wear the braces, you’ll experience the most pressure to reduce by the time your teeth change their position. After that, your braces will require tightening.

    Things You Should Expect:

    Now, there are several things that you should already expect before getting braces;

    • Sore teeth from braces: Orthodontists use glue to stick the mounts that don’t taste good. Your teeth and gums will feel sore for some hours or days.
    • Sensitive teeth with braces: Your teeth are susceptible, especially in the first week. You’ll need to look out for a soft diet plan.
    • Toothache with braces: Due to the pressure exerted on the teeth, you’ll experience toothache for the first few days. Discuss tooth pain with braces with your orthodontist to confirm it.
    • Cuts on tongue/lips: If you try to feel braces with your tongue or touch them with your lips, chances are you might hurt yourself! Try to steer clear of your braces until you get used to them, or your braces teeth pain won’t be your only headache!

    After Removal:

    Usually, people wear braces for 1-3 years. Quite some time, right? This is why teeth are sensitive when braces are removed.
    During and after the removal process, you may feel a little discomfort too. Because the teeth are sensitive, your orthodontist will place a retainer on the teeth after thoroughly cleaning them. The retainer maintains the new position of the teeth.

    You’ll need to wear it for a short period until your teeth’s new position is retained.


    You can bear the sore teeth from braces or the toothache with braces for a couple of years to win the beautiful smile you’ve always craved for!

    To book an appointment with the best orthodontist, call Pasadena Oral Surgery now, at 281 299 0053.

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