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    A missing tooth is not merely an aesthetic problem; it has a significant impact on your oral health, too. An implant failure can lead to a wide range of issues, which is why finding the right implant dentist is crucial for a successful and safe dental implant procedure. In this blog, we have detailed the importance of an implant dentist and ways you can choose the right one. 

    Why Should You Choose A Skilled Implant Dentist?

    The American Dental Association – ADA recognizes only two professionals fit to perform dental implant surgery – periodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons. They undergo an extensive additional 4 years of hospital-based training, as well as one whole year of anesthesia education. 

    Moreover, teaching hospitals often have the most challenging implant cases coming in. This serves as a learning ground for budding implant specialists to treat complex situations. Dental implants need to have surgical precision to ensure proper depth and placement of the titanium post and abutment while avoiding critical structures like facial nerves.

    A mis-positioned implant can lead to permanent damage. Therefore, finding a skilled implant surgeon is essential.

    How to Choose the Right Dental Implant Expert?

    Now that we are through with the reasons why expertise matters, let’s walk through how to choose the right dental implant specialist.


    Choose a dentist with postgraduate training in dental implant treatments, which can range from single, one-year courses to diplomas or even master’s degrees. It is best to select a dentist seen to be committed to continuous education so that they are updated with the latest trends and techniques in this field. 

    Extensive In-depth Experience

    While knowledge holds the top position in the tier, hands-on experience is equally crucial in implant dentistry. A dental implant specialist with at least 3-5 years of experience is an ideal choice. The more years they spend on performing implant surgery, the better they are to handle unforeseen situations. Every individual’s dental case is unique, and practical experience is the best teacher.

    Track Record and Reviews

    Always search through past testimonials to understand the dental implant specialist’s competence. Skilled professionals have plenty of evidence showcasing their successful cases. Moreover, ask for referrals and look for reviews on their website and social media pages. You must understand that no one is perfect; excessive negative reviews are a red flag. 

    Location and Environment

    The dental implant process involves multiple visits to the dental office, including initial consultation, treatment planning, surgery, implant placement, and follow-ups. Choosing an implant specialist with an office near your home can save you a great deal of hassle.

    Cost and Payment 

    Dental implants are a long-term investment in your oral health, and while they offer over 90% success, they definitely put a dent in your pocket. However, experienced implant professionals often provide competitive rates compared to the local market. They may also offer flexible payment options to make the procedure more accessible to patients.

    Closing Note

    You can get in touch with professional oral caregivers from Pasadena Oral Surgery for more information on this issue. Dial (281) 299-0053 to connect with us.

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