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    At some point in your life, you might need to have a wisdom teeth removal. It’s a prevalent procedure for many Americans with impacted wisdom teeth. But how much is wisdom tooth removal? And what does it involve?

    In this post, we’ll explore the varying costs associated with wisdom teeth removal. Next, we’ll explain why it can be a necessary medical procedure.

    Why Would You Need One?

    The name comes from their very late period of eruption – wisdom teeth typically erupt between 17 and 25, sometimes coming in even later. Now, for most people, they erupt just fine. However, it’s common to see wisdom teeth not erupt at all, partially erupt, or become impacted.

    So what is an impacted wisdom tooth? This happens when a wisdom tooth doesn’t have enough room to develop and begins to grow abnormally. It might collide with another tooth on its way out and press against it. Sometimes, it might come out at an angle that pushes against the jawbone, causing damage to it or the surrounding soft tissues.

    The main sign of an impacted wisdom tooth is a sharp, throbbing, or persistent pain. If a ‘flap’ of gum tissue exists over or around the impacted tooth, it will probably trap food particles and bacteria, and this can lead to an abscess or infection.

    How Much Is Wisdom Teeth Removal?

    The cost of a wisdom teeth removal procedure depends mainly on the complexity of the doctor’s job. Now, if the removal is relatively straightforward, such as for a fully erupted tooth with no impaction, it would cost less than the extraction of a heavily impacted tooth fully embedded in the jawline.

    Your dentist may also need to perform x-rays or other scans to determine the difficulty of the extraction. You might also need additional local anesthesia, general anesthesia, or IV sedation for your procedure. You’ll be informed of these added costs when you go in for an assessment.

    So to give you a better idea, here are some average costs associated with wisdom teeth removal:

    • Simple wisdom tooth extractions: $350 – $500, with local anesthetic.
    • Impacted tooth extractions: $350 – $750, with local anesthetic.
    • Extraction of 4 wisdom teeth under IV sedation: around $2000.

    Your dental practice may offer a discount package for the extraction of all four wisdom teeth. Therefore, this may be a suitable option for you if you’d like to have extractions done to avoid future complications preventatively.

    Conclusion: Should You Get It?

    It’s essential to speak to your dentist about wisdom tooth removal to get a comparable figure to what you’ll end up paying. They’ll be able to assess precisely what is needed to extract the tooth safely. A dentist will also administer an anesthetic so that you’re comfortable during the surgery and help you with aftercare during recovery.

    At Pasadena Oral Surgery, our focus is to offer excellent quality surgical care, making sure our patients are comfortable throughout their visit. We have wisdom tooth extraction packages available to suit your needs, along with flexible payment plans as needed. Please give us a call at (281) 299-0053, and our board-certified dental team is ready to help answer your questions.

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