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    Overbite occurs when your upper teeth cover your lower teeth; this modifies the structure of your face. It is considered one of the most common orthodontic problems. An overbite affects your appearance and causes problems in maintaining proper oral hygiene, a lack of which results in tooth decay, gum diseases, and TMJ disorder.

    What Is the Best Age to Fix an Overbite?

    Overbites fixed between the ages of 8 and 10 have shown better results. However, in teenage or adulthood, the skull growth becomes mature. Then your orthodontist is left with two options:

    • Teeth extraction from the sides of the upper jaw
    • Lower jaw surgery

    Both methods can be risky. Therefore, wearing removable plates during childhood can fix it more effectively.

    Methods to Fix an Overbite

    1. Braces:
      Traditional metal braces are widely known techniques for fixing overbites. Based on the complexity of an overbite, braces require 6-12 months to correct mild to moderate overbite issues.
    2. Invisalign:
      It is the latest treatment device where orthodontists use a series of transparent plastic aligners to fix an overbite. Invisalign is a perfect treatment choice for adults; they can fix their overbite discreetly.
    3. Surgery and Alignment:
      Some overbite cases are severe, where alignment treatment alone cannot help. You will require surgery in harmony with the braces and clear aligners to fix your overbite. Surgery is an extreme choice, and it is only required in rare and complicated cases. If surgery is the only option, your orthodontist can send you to a jaw specialist or dental surgeon.

    Timeline to Correct an Overbite

    Dental surgeons are often asked the question: how long does it take to fix an overbite? This depends on the treatment you need and the severity of your overbite. An orthodontist or a dental surgeon must examine your teeth to give you a concrete timeline. It usually takes up to 2 years to completely fix an overbite, but it will take longer if severe.

    How to Speed Up Your Overbite Treatment?

    Following the instructions your orthodontist provides during your treatment greatly impacts your treatment. You can trust them as they will try to fix an overbite through non-invasive procedures like braces and Invisalign. If your case is severe, they only recommend you go to a jaw specialist.
    If your orthodontist wants you to wear your clear aligners 24 hours a day, you are supposed to wear them daily. You can ask them to suggest exercises or oral care tips to keep your mouth clean and healthy. Religiously adhere to every piece of advice, and your mild overbite can take as short as 6 months to completely get fixed.

    Bottom Line

    Determining how long does it take to fix an overbite depends on the severity of your overbite. Appliances like herbst and orthodontic headgear are helpful, but one requires discipline and a strong will to wear them and strictly adhere to treatment care.
    However, for adults, surgery remains the only option. You can seek the help of an expert Maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Azhar at Pasadena Oral Surgery to discuss your case and find a solution. Call us at (281) 299-0053 to book an appointment.

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