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    Oral herpes are one of the painful protrusions that can decrease the quality of life. More so if the herpes grows on or under the tongue. These painful bumps on the tongue are because if HSV-I (herpes simplex virus) and makes daily mundane tasks like eating food or drinking beverages difficult.

    Good news is that oral herpes under the tongue do not last for very long and subside on their own. One thing you is wait for it to resolve; meanwhile you can ease pain from early stages of herpes on the lip or tongue via salt water rinse.

    Are Herpes Under The Tongue a Form Of STDs?

    The sores from herpes are often synonymously used with cold sores, fever blisters etc. They are painful protrusions and effect almost 1 in 2 American citizens. Usually, a person contracts this during its childhood by a close contact.

    Herpes outbreaks inside the mouth on the tongue are extremely painful. The crusty boil makes it difficult for the person to talk or eat. However, there are ways you can manage the symptoms until it goes away.

    Causes of Tongue Herpes

    As mentioned earlier, herpes on or under the tongue is a result of HSV-I. Growth of cold sore takes place in stages and the virus needs a triggering factor to lead to bump or lesion growth; which includes:

    • Stress
    • Heat or cold
    • Chapped lips
    • fever
    • Direct sunlight
    • Another recent infection (cold or flu)
    • Hormonal changes
    • Physical injury or surgery of mouth

    Herpes On Tongue – Symptoms

    Some people with oral herpes may not show characteristic symptoms, or may have no symptom at all.

    One thing you should know is that cold sores or herpes under or on tongue come in stages. The first marker of it arriving is itching, burning, or tingling sensation on the skin where it will grow.

    Once stage 1 passes, tiny red bumps start appearing in the form of clusters. They soon turn blister-like, with yellow fluid inside.

    After some time, these blisters rupture and the fluid oozes out which is one of the toughest parts and most painful as well. After this stage the sores begin to crust; this marks the start of healing before they fall off leaving behind healthy pink skin.

    On the flip side, there are some people whose symptoms only occur before or during their first outbreak. These symptoms include:

    • Fever
    • Swollen glands
    • Painful swallowing
    • Sore throat

    Spread Of Herpes

    HSV-I and HSV-II are the most viable of the species that cause cold sores or herpes in mouth or genitals. Specie-1 is what mostly causes oral herpes or cold sore on tongue, on the other hand specie-2 often effect genitals.

    Oral typically spreads from contact; for example if someone shares utensils having saliva or comes in close oral contact with a person who is infected; which includes kissing, sharing personal objects touching etc.


    If you have herpes in the mouth, lips, tongue; there are multiple symptomatic treatments to choose from. Talk to us if your recurrent issue is causing troubles. Our professionals at Pasadena Oral Surgery are here for you.

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