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    Having a perfect smile is just a dream for many. A gap between the teeth is one of the few things no one wants because it diverts everyone’s attention to the flaw which is definitely not what we want. It always has a negative impact on the person’s mental development and personality. Keep on reading this blog piece for more information about this condition, why it appears and methods of treatment.

    Diastema or Gap In Between Teeth

    The space in between two teeth is scientifically termed as diastema. Tooth gap may be present anywhere in your jaw but is mostly found amongst the front two incisors. Diastema is a condition prevalent amongst children as well as adults.

    Commonly, the gap in between teeth develops in children when they are in the age bracket of 5 or under. Mostly, this gap reduces itself by the time they reach the age of 8 or 10. However, if the permanent teeth such as incisors or canines have already made their way and the gap is still present between the teeth, it will most probably stay open throughout.

    Gap in the Teeth – Causes

    There are multiple reasons why gaps in the teeth are seen emerging during growth years, explained below.

    1. Folded Frenulum

    A frenum or frenulum is a skin fold that attaches the upper lip with the gum. If the frenum is found lower than it usually is, there will be a small gap in the teeth.

    2. Thumb Sucking Habit

    Mostly, the children suck their thumb put pressure on the front teeth, pulling them forward.

    3. Genes

    Teeth size is dependent on genes, if the teeth is smaller compared to the jaw bone, they will have gaps between them.

    4. Tongue Thrusting

    This condition appears amongst adults during the later years of life. If the swallowing is not correct, the tongue pressurizes front incisor teeth, forming a gap in between them.

    5. Gum Disease

    People having gum disease suffer from gum inflammation that supports the tooth. Moreover, this issue can make that person loose the tooth as well leaving spaces.

    6. Missing Teeth

    You can have a traumatic incident in any phase of life, be it during childhood or adult life leading to a missing tooth resulting in a big space in teeth.

    Filling a Teeth Gap

    Usually, people leave the gap as it is since it’s simply a cosmetic issue. However, if the gap in your teeth is a consequence of a gum disease, the dentist will share multiple treatment options for fixing the teeth space.


    The brackets and wires add pressure on the teeth removing the gap in between.

    Bonding / Veneers

    If you do not want to use braces, dental bonding or veneer is a good option. Dentists use a resin which looks like your real tooth color, to fill in the void between two teeth.

    Frenum Surgery

    Extra tissue of the frenum is surgically removed. However, if your gap is large, then you may require braces with it as well.


    A gap in between teeth may not seem a big of a problem, but it has a huge impact on personality development and self-confidence. Dentists at Pasadena Oral Surgery will set you up for restoration of your precious smile. Call now at 281 299 0053 for more information.

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