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    After numerous successful attempts, a dental implant is one of the most common processes in use to replace the missing tooth. Although being an expensive process, the treatment has excellent results. However, often due to bone deficiency in the individual, the dentist does grafting before the implant. Grafting ensures that the area has a sufficient amount of bone to hold the implant. The use of dental bone graft material is as per the patient requirements.

    During the years, dental bone graft material and surgery have undergone development and improvement. Bone grafting forms a strong foundation to hold the new tooth. The dentist will first properly examine the jawbone, height, and width and then decide if the grafting requirement exists. Though grafting and implant is a month’s lengthy procedure, it results in teeth looking as natural as before.

    Sources of dental bone graft material

    Mostly the bone for the dental bone graft material comes from the following four sources;

    Autograft bone is the individual’s bone that comes from some other part of the body. During bone grafting, the use of autograph bone is the best option. However, being an expensive process, it is safe, and the tissues will not reject the bone. For the autograft bone, two surgeries are done, first for bone extraction and the other for grafting. The bone can come from the jaws, chin, hip, or even the knee areas. The whole process is safe, and the bone is safe to use.

    The use of allograft bone is also widespread during bone grafting. The source of the bone is a human corpse. The bone is readily available. It is freeze-dried and sterilized and safe to use. Besides it, another option is the bone from animals like cows. The use of animal bone in grafting is also widespread, as it is easy to get and functions as the allograft bone. Besides the differences, all dental bone graft material is safe to use. Contact Pasadena Oral Surgery at (281) 299 0053 to know about bone grafting and dental implant procedure.

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