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    We congratulate you on conquering part one of your dental implant surgery. With many pros, this procedure does have its set of problems to deal with, such as a sore throat. To avoid this and other issues, you religiously follow aftercare tips, which we have mentioned below.

    What Is The Reason Behind Sore Throat After Dental Implant Placement?

    The main reason why you develop a sore throat is because of dryness from having your mouth open for a while during the procedure. Keep yourself well-hydrated to ease this discomfort. One option is to choose water and healthy drinks such as coconut water to stay on an adequate level.

    Post-Op Instructions to Deal with Sore Throat or Other Complications after Surgery

    1. Keeping the Gauze On
      After the surgery, your dentist might use a gauze pad to control bleeding. Remember, your road to recovery is going to be slow and steady. All you have to do is leave the gauze on the site for about 20-30 minutes with gentle pressure. Although, a word of caution – DO NOT CHEW.
    2. Handling Swelling
      Swelling is totally normal. You can ice on the affected area to keep it down. Swelling may stay for a few days; however, do not stress about it.
    3. Relieving Pain
      You must address your pain but do not take medicines on an empty stomach. Eat properly and pop one before the numbing wears off. In case you require more relief between prescription doses, have over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil for relief.
    4. Dietary Modification
      While your mouth is on the healing road, it is all about your food choices. Go for liquids and soft foods, and skip straws for the first few days. The best way forward is to sip on soups and shakes and work your way back to regular foods.
    5. Antibiotics
      If your dentist has prescribed antibiotics, stick to the accurate dosage. However, if you notice strange side reactions, such as a rash, call your dentist.
    6. Dealing with Nausea
      If you feel groggy and nausea is here to pay you a visit; take a breather. Do not take your meds immediately, and rest for about an hour. Slowly sip on beverages like coke, tea, water, or ginger ale. Once you start feeling better, you can get back to your usual routine.
    7. Keep Your Mouth Clean
      Do not start rinsing right on the first day after surgery. However, once you meet the 24-hour mark, start brushing your teeth gently, and be easy on your mouth. Even then, do not spit; just let your mouth saliva pour out.
    8. Rest up, Real Nice
      Do not be so hard on yourself. Take it easy on D-day. Avoid intense activities for a few days.

    Closing Note

    You can contact Pasadena Oral Surgery for more information on this issue. Dial (281) 299-0053 to connect with us.

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