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    The face comes first and immediately grabs attention, helping communicate with the people. Any feature that has a slight change from normal such as droopy eyelid or white dots on the lips, can hamper personality development and self-confidence to a great extent.

    Mainly, such white dots or bumps on the lips do not require immediate medical attention, but you must know why this change is happening to your body and whether or not it can progress into something worse.

    White Dots on the Lips – Causes

    White dots on the lips are usually harmless and called Fordyce spots. Let’s take a deeper look at what it is and explore other reasons as well.

    Fordyce Spots
    Tiny white bumps or dots on your lips are usually Fordyce spots that are nothing more than enlarged sebaceous glands that do not associate with the hair follicles. These white bumps are neither itchy, painful, nor contagious and appear mostly on the outer side of the lips or insides of the cheek.

    Fordyce spots or white dots appear in people regardless of the age or gender however are much visually apparent in teens and adults. This issue may seem genetic, but there are no specific causes for having these. Having said that, many scientists believe that hormonal changes during puberty and people with oily skin are more prone to this.

    Herpes Simplex
    Oral herpes is present in the form of white dots on the lips or mouth caused because of the herpes simplex virus. It spreads via sexual contact, such as oral sex. The issue progresses into fluid-filled blister formation that needs proper treatment.

    Oral Cancer
    Tiny or big white dots or raised bumps may indicate cancer. Some of the potential causes of mouth cancer include HPV human papillomavirus, sun exposure and tobacco abuse.

    A condition mostly seen amongst babies. Milia are small-sized hives or dotted white inner lips due to dead skin cells entrapped under their skin.

    Oral Thrush
    Thrush is fungal overload leading to white ulcers in the mouth, lips or gums.

    White Dots on the Lips – Treatment

    The treatment plan depends on what is causing the issue and the severity of the symptoms. If the person has Fordyce spots on the lips, then there is no need of medical intervention. But, you can always opt for surgical removal of the growth that is denting your aesthetics.

    On the other hand, oral thrush treatment is possible via anti-fungal and dedicated liquid mouth rinse. Oral herpes will need anti-viral medications so that the virus is completely eradicated. As for cancers, the treatment depends on the stage of the disease.

    Final Out Look

    Never pick or scratch those white dots from the lips yourself; they may turn into a potential infection site. Contact one of the best dentists in Pasadena at Pasadena Oral Surgery for your mouth troubles. Call to make an appointment at 281 299 0053.

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