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    Is food stuck in your wisdom tooth hole?

    When our third molars erupt in awkward angles or become impacted, dentists recommend a wisdom tooth extraction. After the procedure, the dental specialist will provide you with important aftercare instructions. During the healing period, you will be asked to consume soft foods only. Still, you may find food particles stuck in the wisdom tooth hole.

    While it is not rare to find food lodged in the empty tooth socket, you should avoid using a toothpick or your finger to remove it. In this blog, we will tell you how to get rid of the debris in the extraction site.

    Tips To Extract Food Stuck in Your Wisdom Tooth Hole

    Before you pick a sharp instrument or your fingers to dig out the food stuck in your wisdom tooth socket, let us tell you why that’s a bad idea. One of the reasons wisdom tooth aftercare is important is that a healthy blood clot has to form for safe and proper recovery. To do so, it’s vital to ensure that the clot remains in its place. If you use aggressive techniques to dislodge the food, it can dislocate the blood clot and lead to potential issues. First, try to contact your dentist right away. In the meantime, you can try the following to get rid of the food stuck in your wisdom tooth hole:

    Saltwater Rinses
    It is better not to rinse your mouth the first few days following your surgery, especially the first day. Saltwater rinses, however, are extremely beneficial to fight off bacteria and get rid of the food stuck in the wisdom tooth hole as well. Remember: don’t spit or swish the saltwater; allow it to drool out instead.

    Warm Water in a Syringe
    Filling a sterile syringe with lukewarm water might be effective in getting rid of the food debris as well. This can help direct the water flow at the socket, which gently dislodges the particles in the hole. Spray water might work in a similar manner, too. Nonetheless, you will need to adopt a gentle approach while removing the food particle.

    Water Flosser
    The secret to removing food stuck in wisdom tooth holes might already be in your possession: a water flosser! Before you try it, though, talk to the dentist to confirm if it is okay for you to do. If the dental specialist deems it safe, put the water flosser on a low setting and point the stream in the direction of the food particle.

    Herbal Tea
    A lukewarm herbal tea can work wonders to get rid of problematic food particles. You can use it as you would use salt water. Hence, use chamomile tea, green tea, and turmeric tea since they have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it can help your wisdom tooth recover. Once again, word of caution: avoid spitting or swishing aggressively to prevent complications.

    You should always consult a dental professional before trying something after oral surgery. Therefore, if they allow you to use mouthwash, choose a mild one. Carefully rinse the affected area to remove the food stuck in the wisdom tooth hole.

    What’s Next?

    Having food debris stuck in your wisdom tooth hole can lead to infection and other issues. Therefore, talk to your dentist about how to remove it. You can also go for saltwater rinses, mouthwash, lukewarm water, and more to get rid of the food particles. At Pasadena Oral Surgery, we make sure your oral health stays free of complications. Dial (281) 299 0053 to say farewell to all your dental issues or visit us at 6429 Fairmont Parkway Suite 102, Pasadena, Texas 77505.

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