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    In this ever-shifting digital era, innovations and advancements are here to welcome us now and then. One of these is dental implants, unlike traditional bridges and crowns. Dental implants are gaining rapid popularity due to their aesthetics and durability to last long. Even they have changed from their basic structure to biocompatible prosthetics. Let’s discuss the 5 worth-mentioning advancements in dental implants which our dental surgeons at Pasadena Oral Surgery also frequently use.

    1. Guided Implant Replacement Using 3D Printing Technology

    The dentists use surgical guides to find the best positioning for the dental implant, taking the patient’s bone structure, condition, blood vessels, and location of nerves into account. Your dentist will use an X-ray and scan the area for the best positioning of a dental implant.

    The purpose of a surgical guide is to fit over the patient’s teeth neighboring the implant location. The addition of 3D technology in printing the 3D surgical guide allows dental professionals to meet accuracy and enhanced outcomes with their dental implants.

    2. Immediate Implant Placement and Loading Techniques

    Immediate implant replacement and loading refer to the practice of placing the dental implant in the fresh socket right after the natural tooth is taken out, placing the restoration in case enough stability level has been reached after 48 hours.

    The persistent demand from patients for faster treatment gave rise to such advancement in dentistry. These advancements offer convenience, reduced treatment time, and minimal need for complicated bone grafting procedures and surgical interventions.

    3. All on 4 Dental Implant Concept for Full Arch Reconstruction

    This concept was introduced 20 years ago and specially designed for patients missing more than one tooth. Unlike traditional dentures, All 4 dental implants provide great support and work as a fixed solution.

    It furthermore diminishes the need for extensive surgery procedures and the costs associated with them. This ultra-modern method replaces the full arch of missing teeth for patients to enjoy their life once again. It is a powerful innovation in the world of restorative dentistry.

    4. Zygomatic Implants for Patients with Severe Bone Loss

    Zygomatic implants are usually done at the back of the jaw, where teeth are missing, either due to trauma or by birth. Zygomatic implants unlike traditional implants are not directly anchored into the jaw bone but they are positioned at such an angle that they penetrate the zygoma bone, which has more density.

    This advancement greatly reduces the need for the complex bone grafting practice where a synthetic bone anchors your dental implant which is less strong in comparison with a patient’s natural bone.

    5. Computer-Assisted Implant Surgery for Predictable Outcomes

    Restorative dentists, dental surgeons, and patients all are reaping the benefits of this ultra-modern technology. Computer Tomography (CT) and Adjunctive software have given rise to effective planning and placement of dental implants.

    Compared to freehand implant surgery it has reduced the level of complications. Although it has already increased the precision of dental implant placement, it is further evolving to get better with time.

    Ending Note

    With the advancements in these breakthrough technologies, restorative dentists and dental surgeons now have access to a wide array of possibilities for their patients. Using these innovative methods, they can reach the highest patient satisfaction benchmark they have set for themselves.

    Our expert surgeons at Pasadena Oral Surgery also leverage most of these advancements. No matter how complicated your case is, we can handle it with care. Call us at 281-299-0053 to book an appointment.

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